Ugly Library Tools

Quiz: How to Use the Library Databases


1) The information you find, whether by using the library catalog, the library databases, or the Web, is only as good as the _______________ you use.
A) Browser
B) Keywords
C) Passwords
D) Computer

2) List 3 of the ways you can limit your search for articles.
A) Audience, content and writing style
B) Book, article or website
C) Article font style, font size and number of letters
D) Full text, peer-reviewed, and date range of publication

3) What's the best and quickest way to determine if a particular article you find is a good one for your assignment?
A) Ask your teacher
B) Read the article's abstract
C) Any article from the database will do
D) Read the entire article

4) What is the best way to set aside good journal articles you find for future use in your assignment?
A) Use the database's email tool and send a copy to yourself
B) Print it
C) Commit them to memory
D) search for the articles again when you need them

5) What kind of tools do databases have to help you with your citations?
A) Citation tutorials
B) Databases only have articles
C) Email citation with article and copy-and-paste citation from database
D) fill-the-blank citation templates