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The Meaning Game

Below you will find a list of five research questions. The objective of the game is to eliminate words by clicking on them just until the phrase loses meaning. The words left will be your keywords.


I keep hearing about the Google Assistant. I wonder what Google is working on now regarding artificial intelligence.


Someone told me music is good for my health. I want to find out if there is any research looking at music and mental health.


I heard on the morning news that eggs are bad for us, because they have a lot of cholesterol. How true is that?


Someone should invent a vaccine against cancer. Are there any researchers working on one for breast cancer?


I have lived in Oregon all my life, but I have never asked who were the first settlers here in the state, or where these settlements were located.

If you take away anything from this game, let it be the following gross overstatement:

The less keywords you use, the more information you will tend to find on your topic

Therefore, being able to reduce the entirety of your question to a few keywords becomes key (no pun intended).