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Logical Fallacies

What is a Fallacy?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines fallacy, used in everyday speech, as "deception, guile, trickery; a deception, trick; a false statement, a lie".

However, in philosophy, logic and mathematics, the word acquires an specific meaning. In this particular case, fallacy means "a deceptive or misleading argument, a sophism". Fallacies in philosophy and mathematics are very specific, belonging to one or more categories, depending on the kind of fallacy.

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Answer each of the following questions correctly.

1)"I don't buy anything this teacher says. He is ugly and smells like onions and sadness" This would be an example of:


Ad hominem

Appeal to emotion

Begging the question

Middle ground

2) An example of the Slippery Slope fallacy is:

"You are too unattractive to be right"

"You may be right, but think of the children!"

"Free college is a terrible idea, but it's your job to prove me wrong"

"Free college now. Pretty soon, Communism!"

"Everyone I know is doing Paleo, so it must be right".

3) "I don't like the idea of building a football stadium using taxpayers' money, but the Governor says it should be done, and she is the Governor, so she must be right" is an example of :

Appeal to emotion


Appeal to authority

Personal incredulity


4) What is an example of the Bandwagon fallacy?.

"You are going to move this table because I am your boss and I say so!"

"How can someone who wears such ugly shoes be right at all?"

"When he says "free health care" he actually means making our country a welfare state"

"I don't understand your argument, so you must be wrong"

"Everyone else has a fidget spinner. I have to have one!"

5) You wrote a paper on the danger of vaccines, but cited only a few anecdotal cases that support your point and ignored medical research undermining your argument. This is an example of a:

Texas Sharpshooter

Ad Hominem

Appeal to emotion

Slippery slope

Personal incredulity

6) "I don't understand how school uniforms prevent bullying and harassment, therefore this statement is wrong" is an example of:


No true Scotsman

Appeal to emotion

Personal incredulity

Ad hominem