Ugly Library Tools



1) What is the bare minimum you need to search for a book in the library catalog?
A) Bibliographic entry
B) Author's name
C) A keyword
D) Book title

2) What type of items can be found in the library catalog?
A) Books
B) Videos
C) E-books
D) All of the above

3) Once the catalog has returned your search results, two ways in which you can narrow your results are:
A) Resource type and date of publication
B) Color and size
C) Font size and family
D) Shape and number of pages

4) When you click on the "Find/Request" link, what kind of information will you find?
A) Number of pages and color
B) Call Number, Type, Policy and Status
C) Taste and smell
D) What the book is about

5) When you click on the "Tools" link, one of the most useful tools you will find there is:
A) A hammer
B) Check-out
C) Abstract
D) Citation