short bibiography on the list of ingredients found on the back of a bottle of hand lotion.

bottle of hand lotion

chemical name

description of the chemical or ingredient.



water. referred to by pharmacists.


glycerol. non toxic, sweet tasting, viscous compound. used for its antibacterial and antiviral properties as wound and burn treatment. also used as sweetener.

stearic acid

fatty acid. found in vegetable and animal fat. main component in cocoa and shea butter.

isopropyl myristate

ester. moisturizer. used for its skin absorption properties. also used as head lice pesticide and in mouthwash.

mineral oil

oil. distillate from petroleum

glyceryl stearate

white or cream colored wax solid. derived from glycerin and stearic acid. skin lubricant.

glycol stearate

derived from ethylene glycol and stearic acid, similar properties to above.



pediculicide. it means it kills lice.

peg-100 stearate

polyethylene glycol ester of stearic acid. moisturizer, emulsifier and surfactant.,%2C%20creams%20and%20lotions%2C%20shampoos.


petroleum jelly. moisturizer. the actual vaseline part.

cetyl alcohol

alcohol derived from vegetable oils like palm or coconut.

tapioca starch

thickener derived from the flour of the cassava root.


aromatic alcohol. germicidal, perfume fixative, insect repellent and antiseptic.

magnesium aluminum silicate

powder. derived from clay, used as a binder and emulsifier.


ester. preservative, used as a fungicidal, and also known as a wolf and insect pheromone.


derived from acrylic acid. found commonly as an adhesive in nail products.



generic name for perfume.


ester. antifungal and antimicrobial agent. also used as a food additive.,agent%20and%20an%20antimicrobial%20agent.

disodium edta

skin penetration enhancer, also used to treat lead poisoning.

xantham gum

thickening and stabilizing agent, named after a bacterium. polisaccaride.

stearamide amp

alcohol. surfactant, boosts cosmetics foam development.

avena sativa (oat) straw extract

polysaccharide, moisturizer and volumizer.

titanium dioxide

naturally occurring mineral titanium oxide. white powder used in paint, sunscreen, and food coloring.,ilmenite%2C%20rutile%2C%20and%20anatase.