Ugly Library Tools


Welcome to my Ugly Library Tools page.

I teach information literacy and provide library instruction for a community college in the Pacific Northwest.

Nowadays, our students have access to vast amounts of information with comparatively small effort, thanks in great part to technological advances like the Internet, smart phones, fast and broad telecommunication and data delivery, and portable, affordable computers and tablets.

However, too many of our students don't have enough information literacy skills to evaluate the information they find online. Since they use much of this information not just to satisfy their own curiosity, or just to "scratch an itch", but also to fulfill their school assignments, homework, and research projects, it has become extremely important to teach the necessary information literacy skills to our students.

With this purpose in mind, I have been working on making simple tools to help library instruction and information literacy librarians teach these invaluable skills to our students.

These tools may seem rudimentary, amateurish, not refined, blunt, or just plain silly.


I hope you find them useful.